SKOURIAS - Hand made Jewellery and Cretan knives

Paleochora, cross road from harbour to Sandy Beach
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Traditional Cretan knives, unique souvenirs and beautiful jewellery all hand crafted by father, mother and the son. You can admire the wide selection in their newly opened, crimson red painted shop housed in one of the oldest buildings of the town.


Jewellery and Cretan knives from SKOURIAS

The grandfather was a blacksmith who forged the traditional Cretan knives and the odd horse shoe. Blacksmiths back then commonly were called "Skourias" "black, rust" and in dependence to the old tradition, the shop got its name SKOURIAS. The family later got greenhouses in the near by Kondouras, but the passion for hand forged knives stayed in the family as father and son hand make the knives until today. 

Also the female side of the family has excellent skills for handicraft. The mother started to design some brooches and table decorations from metal scraps and polished stones and glass beads. And the pieces being as unique and lovely as they were, it didn't take long till friends, neighbours and foes ordered more and more until the workshop at home turned into a workshop and shop.

Here you can now find all the precious pieces, skilfully crafted. Decorative souvenirs, jewellery and, of cause the traditional Cretan knives. You can even have your pieces made to order!

SKOURIAS – Hand made Cretan Knives and Jewellery 
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
mail: Vlontakhs-Antonhs(at)
mobil: +30 - 69489434604