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Paleochora, center
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The small shop in an alley from the main road offers olive based products and gifts, biological beauty products made from olives, as well as local wine, honey, herbs and teas.


Opened in 2009, the shop very much concentrates on selling high quality, local products. Like the delicious honey from the family's own bees in the Sfakia region, the olive oil  and cretan raki, also produced by the Vardoulakis family and of course the wide range of organic and natural cosmetics, like the beauty and skin care series by Odevma & Olivaloe, a company from nearby Chania.

About Odevma & Olivaloe
The positive feedback from every corner of the world that our olive oil was sent, together with the request of additional products that would derive from the Cretan soil gradually developed the idea on a new venture. Quality olive oil, quality product, quality cosmetic!

There was no need to produce anything. The product had already been produced and it was in our hands. This time though had to been even better and distinct from the several other products in the market. The first thought was to keep it organic. The second though was to add something special, something with an equivalent rich history of proven research and beneficial qualities.

Thus Aloe Vera was selected. Highly antioxidant, uplifting, cooling and hydrating, suitable for sunburns and irritated skin. The combination was unique. There were many cosmetics with olive, many with aloe but the combination of both especially as organic ingredients was something unique. The brand name came on its own. It was there, it was the product it self. We had developed a new product. We had merged the two top cosmetic extracts in to one and so we did with their name.

About Olivaloe Beauty Products
Natural cosmetics with organic Olive oil & organic Aloe Vera. A unique combination for your skin. All products are mineral oil, vaseline, propylene glycol, silicon and paraben free. Quality products, user friendly size packaging, followed by a friendly customer price policy as well.

Products for a complete face & body session followed by a unique bath & hair care range with thephilosophy of turning long traditional natural recipes into high quality cosmetic products.

The whole product range which is continuously being developed, come to complete sun protection products as well men’s care products for daily use. 
All their products can be found in our shop.


Elia - olive based products
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
mail: vardoulakisa (at)
mobil: +30 - 6974022624