Anatoli - bakery

Paleochora, at the sandy beach
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The bakery, located at the sandy beach, offers a nice variety of daily fresh baked breads, sweet & savoury pastries, cakes, cookies and ice cream. You can also stock up with chilled beverages and get a coffee to go. The perfect stop in on your way from or to the beach.


Anatoli is not just the name of the bakery, it is also the name of the owner and it means 'sunrise' (ανατολή ηλίου, literally: sun of the east). During the season you will find here a great variety of sour-dough hand made bread, made from different weeds, light and dark and flavoured with olives, walnuts and sesame. They also have their own designated pastry chef who is responsible for all the wonderful cookies and shortbread offered in the shop. 

The Anatoli bakery is open every day including Sundays, the ideal stop-in from/ or to the beach.


Anatoli Bakery
Anatoli Kotridou
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
mail: anatolikotridou(at)
tel. +30-28230 41707