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Iasis Diagnosis

Paleochora, central
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The privately owned Iasis Hospital, Gavrilakis General Clinic S.A. is a model Diagnostic – Therapeutic – Surgical & Research Center located on the seaside promenade. The clinic covers the local community’s essential needs both in terms of primary and secondary health care.


 We provide an 24/7 emergency number +30- 6949735400

We gladly provide health care for visitors of Paleochora and cooperate with many health insurance providers world wide.

Opening hours: Mo.-Fr.:


IASIS Diagnosis private clinic
73001, Paleochora
Tel: 28230 41888,  
e-mail: info(at)  |


IASIS Diagnosis private hospital
76-78 M. Botsari str, 
73136, Chania, 
Tel: 28210 70800, fax: 28210 91140, 
e-mail: info(at)  |


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