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Diana's Massage

Paleochora central
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A "Well-being Oasis" in the heart of the town, for relaxation and revival of body, spirit and soul. * Holistic massage, also in pregnancy * Lymph drainage * Craniosacral Rebalancing * Reflexology and metamorphic foot massage *

Diana speaks English / Greek  / French / Italian / German

+++ Weekend Workshop "Family Constellations": June 22nd and 23rd, 2013, 10 a.m - 6 p.m +++

Weekend Workshop 
"Family Constellations": June 22nd and 23rd, 2013, 10 a.m - 6 p.m

Discover and let go of the blocks transmitted from generation to generation, causing emotional and physical dis-ease.
A unique opportunity to enhance your capacity to be happy, to make your own choices, to achieve your professional aims, to have enjoyable relationships, to be in good health...
You might have as issues:
* Find the right place for yourself
* Grieving a loss, through death or separation
* Physical or emotional symptoms, chronic disease, depression
* Difficulties in finding your vocation, work, money
* Repeating dramatic events
* Relationship conflicts: couple / parents&children / working team
With Bianca Bögel, Italy, trained by Attilio Piazza, Bert Hellinger, Jirina Prekop,
June 22nd and 23rd, 2013, 10 a.m - 6 p.m
in Azogyrès, 7 km from Paleochora (possibility to stay overnight, lunch is shared together).
The number of participants is limited.
Fee: 90€. Reduced fee for couples.
Languages: English, Greek, German, Italian, French (according to the needs of the participants).
Information and booking: T. (0030)28230 41004, mobile (0030)6978176210.

From June 19th to 29th, possibility for individual sessions with Bianca in Holding Therapy (Jirina Prekop):
Through reconciliation with a parent (dead or alive, no matter), you can find access to the life force coming from your ancestors. You are guided through pain, fear and rage and you will experience love flow again.


Diana's Massage

A "Well-being Oasis" in the heart of Paleohora! You'll find it, in a shadowy yard with a fountain and a palm-tree.

You can choose from

* Holistic massage for relaxation and revitalizing of body, mind and soul, harmonizing your energy through life-enhancing touch and presence. I use high quality organically grown vegetable oils with aroma essences of your choice. Also recommended in pregnancy.

* Lymph drainage: relieving, lightening up, reducing edema

* Foot massage: reflexology and Metamorphic foot massage

* Hints to get access to the power of your pelvic floor muscles

* Reiki

* Craniosacral Rebalancing

* Rainbow Massage: chakra(energy centers)massage with colourful AuraSoma oils

* Birth preparation for pregnant women and their partners, haptonomy communication with the baby in the womb

* "Family Constellation" workshops, several times a year

About Diana Welter
For  over 20 years I've been active in my home country Luxembourg in organic farming, massage (certified massage therapist trained in Germany and Belgium), baby massage and birth preparation classes, as a doula and counselor for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and as a mother.

In 2004 I moved my home and my studio from Luxembourg to Paleohora, after having a serious accident with broken backbone in Crete (this event helped me to find a decision).
Besides the massage studio, I take care of olive trees, producing organic oil.
In my work and contacts I let my heart guide me.

For appointments please call (0030) 28230 41004 or mobile (0030) 6978176210, or just drop in when the yard's gate is open. If I'm busy with work, I can let you know through the window. I speak English, Greek, French, Italian and German.

Welcome to my well-being oasis!

Diana's Massage
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
phone: +30- 28230 41004  |  mobil: +30- 69781 76210