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Heidrun Kimm offers AYURVEDIC-DYNAMIC-OIL-MASSAGE. Also available:  SOUND-MASSAGE with Singing Bowls by Peter Hess.
The studio is located in Kalithea (15 min. by car/bus). Appointments, which are also available at your holiday accommodation, are by arrangement.

+++ Appointments are also available at your holiday accommodation +++

Relax, be healthy, feel younger

Ayurveda - the traditional practice "for a long life" comes from India and is thought to be the oldest medical-system.
It's a holistic practice that's based on thousands and thousands of years of observation and experience.
Body, Spirit and Soul are seen as "One"; inseparable from our environment. Ayurveda is also a matter of prevention as well as treatment.

Part of this treatment is also the AYURVEDA MASSAGE. A massage that can be used for preventive as well as therapeutic reasons.


Heidrun's focal point is the dynamic AYURVEDA FULL BODY-OIL-MASSAGE

The effects of this massages are:
•    The entire musculoskeletal system is more relaxed and flexible
•    Muscle tensions are released
•    Blood and lymphatic system is stimulated
•    There is a positive impact on skin and tissue
•    Energy centers (Chakras) and energy paths (Nadis) are stimulated
•    Blockages are reduced and body-function stimulated
•    Slimming and detoxification of the whole organism
•    Deep relaxation
5-7 valuable, individually selected oils (depending on the season) are used in each massage.

A full-body-massage takes about 1.5 hours and a rest of 30 minutes is recommended afterwards for a greater effectiveness.


The method of sound-massage has been developed by PETER HESS.
Basics of the sound-massage was developed by experiences in Nepal and Tibet, the results of research by Professor Dr. Gert Wegner and experiments on the impact of traditional music on the human soul and body. For over 5000 years Indian classical music has been used in Vedic sanctification rites.
Different effects of the sound-massage include:

•    The sound 'speaks' to the native trust of human beings.
•    Through sound-massage deep relaxation is reached quickly.
•    Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual body cell is achieved through sound
•    Relief of tensions and blockages in the body.
•    The client experiences his or her body to be pleasantly light and vibrating freely.
•    Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
•    Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy.
•   Letting go of old patterns – a new order can evolve.

It's a great possibility, especially for people with fear of contact with others.
When having a sound-massage singing bowls are placed on or near the clothed body and are gently hit. The sound and vibrations produced flow into the body softly and move on. A new positive and free consciousness of the body can be reached.

The duration of the sound-massage is about 1 hour.

Both types of massage can be combined and are complementary in their effectiveness. Certainly they provide the feeling of being on vacation through the deep relaxing and the sound coming on his own.


Heidrun has been living on Crete for many years in a small village about 10 km from Paleochora. 
Her qualifications include:
•    Social welfare worker education training and working with children for many years in Germany
•    2001-2002 intensive training in AYURVEDA-MASSAGE in INDIA, based on the traditional Ayurvedic-school in Mysore
•   Several training courses in Energy- Therapies in India and Germany
•   Deep insights to the Indian classical music by Dr Trina Purohit-Roy in West Bengal, India.
•    2008 training in sound-massage by Peter Hess.
•    Training as group-organiser for sound-massage.
•    Long experience in massage.
•    Member of the International Sound-massage Formation

We can offer you either:
•    A MASSAGE in the relaxing atmosphere of  our Wellness Studio in Kalithea village, 15 mins from Paleochora by car or bus, or 
•     A MASSAGE at you summer accommodation.

Appointments by arrangement.

Ayurveda by Heidrun Kimm
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