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What is KRITIguide

The KRITIguide town guide is an independent tourist information web site and booklet. To provide an objective insight on the towns attractions and to offer recommendation on the local services. Mainly aimed at first time visitors, it for sure will hold also valuable informations for the returning visitor.
The KRITIguide town guides will supplement the commonly available maps, advertising booklets and travel books. 

In fact it is the best of all the above fitted into a handy pocket booklet and when used in addition with our website and our facebook page , both of which will include updates and local announcements, will enable the visitor to get and stay in touch with everyone.

This edition, the KRITIguide Paleochora, is the first of, hopefully, many to follow and at the moment we are in process of preparing the town guides for Agias Nikolaios and Chania, with those for Rethimnon, Irakleon and Irapetra planned for next year. (If you are resident in one of the above towns, know the nice places to recommend and have good contacts with the local tourist businesses, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.)


73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos, Crete, GREECE
contact (at) kritiguide.com
Phone: 28230 42314
A.F.M. 150384739  A' Chanion

The people behind KRITIguide

Alexandra Rupp

Born and brought up in Germany, Alexandra has a diploma in communication & marketing design. For more than 10 years she has been providing her services for advertising companies, magazines and her own clients. As well as her marketing services, she has represented several artists and organised and supervised art & cultural exhibitions for the German Ministry of Culture. In 2009 she went on a summer sabbatical to Crete and eventually extended her stay to a full year, coming to the conclusion that she wanted to share her marketing and communication experience with the local tourism industry.

Starting off in 2011 with a photo calendar to create a keepsake for local visitors, filling a gap as no such product existed, she used her time between client work from Germany to examine the local tourist  market in detail. The result of this was the KRITIguide project.

Heike Drakakis

Born and brought up in Austria, Heike worked at Universal Music Group and Virgin Records, Vienna organising record promotions. In 1998 she came to Crete, working initially for an Austrian travel agent and later a local ferry company. After getting married to a local, she spent time  familiarising herself with the workings of her husband’s olive groves and tomato greenhouses. Her two wonderful teenager children drive her mad on a daily basis; Facebook is her second home and she knows everyone and everybody in Paleochora, or is related to them. But most of all she is a true girl Friday of KRITIguide; without her nothing would work.


Stephanie Mihelarakis

Born in London and raised on the beautiful island of Crete, Stephanie now lives in England, but still maintains a powerful bond with her hometown, where she has so many friends and relatives. 
Her biggest love is Paleochora, which is why she is so involved in the Kritiguide project, through which she promises to attempt to make Paleochora one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world! She is open to talk (and she can talk!) to anyone and everyone, and can be contacted for this via email or on Facebook at anytime! Come on people, let's make Paleochora famous!!!!


Thank Yous

Assisting us is a great group of people; contributing authors, photographers, researchers, unfailing translators and proofreaders, state of the art web programmers and experienced printing specialists; our biggest thanks goes to Tobias Ross, Stefanie Mihelaraki, Mick McTiernan and Maria Kalaitzaki.