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Veggera (former Ostria)

Paleochora, central on the Sandy Beach
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Our restaurant is located at the Sandy Beach, where you can enjoy the beautiful view and our traditional cuisine, prepared with the best ingredients and the virgin olive oil from our own groves.
Every Thursday we invite you to our unique Cretan evenings with live music and dancers in traditional costumes. Come join in and dance with us!


The restaurant 

is run by the Kriaris family. Since 20 years we take pride in cooking only with the best, purest and – as far as possible – home produced ingredients. Especially our renowned extra virgin olive oil gives the meals a distinguishable, mediterranean flavor that you will remember long after the end of your holiday.

Our family holds up traditional ways and customs, as shown every Thursday, 8 pm, at our popular Cretan Evenings. This weekly event will bring you closer to Cretan culture through the universal language of music and dancing. Musicians with typical Cretan instruments lyra and lute and a group of dancers in traditional costume create an authentic festive atmosphere. 

We always encourage guests to join in the dancing!

The restaurant is open from 10.00 in the morning until 01.00 at night. Come and enjoy your breakfast in our comfortable lounge chairs, visit us for lunch or dinner or pamper yourself with a cool drink directly on the beach in the shade of tamarisk trees.

The team of OSTRIA restaurant awaits you!


Ostria Restaurant
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
mobil: +30- 69806 05160  |  mobil: +30- 69785 72933
mail: ostria_restaurant(at)hotmail.com

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