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near Paleochora, 4 km west at Grameno beach
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The open air Café-Restaurant is situated in a lush green garden area, providing cooling shade and a refreshing breeze from the near by Grameno Beach. Since the first day, 26 years ago, all greens, oil, herbs, as well as chicken and rabbits come from the families own cultivation. The family takes great pride in their superb quality of ingredients and therefor has many faithful customers as well as being very popular by the local residents. Special: an attached playground for kids. 4km west at Grameno.


The GRAMENO Café-Restaurant opened a whooping 27 years ago in 1988. Back then the greenhouse owners Spyridoula and Manolis noticed a continuously growing number of visitors on their local Grameno Beach, seeking beverages and food for their day on the beach. The nearest place for any supermarket or café was 3 km in either direction, Paleochora or Kondoura. The family wanted to provide some service, but neither water nor electricity was provided in this area. 

After managing to get the area connected to the powerline, the family opened the Café-Snackbar Grameno in 1988. After two years the family expanded the Café and kitchen to function as full service restaurant since.

The open air restaurant is set up in a lush well attended garden area, providing cooling shade during the hot day and a cooling breeze from the close by beach at night. Attached to the restaurant area is also a play ground for children and a secluded grass area for toddlers. 

The owners diligently care for using only the very best, fresh ingredients, most of which come from their own garden, as well as do their chicken and rabbits. Also their olives and oil, as well as all herbs for the kitchen come from their own organic cultivation.

But not just where the food comes from, but where it goes afterwards is carefully attended for. Used oil gets recycled, food waste is separated for animal feed and compost. As well as aluminum, plastic and glass is brought to a recycler.

Spyridoula the chef of the restaurant has learned all the traditional local recipes from her mother and her extended family. Still continuously she looks for inspirations to improve her kitchen everywhere and digs up old recipes where ever she can find them.

In the winter, when the restaurant is closed, Manolis tends to the garden and the trees of family olive grove, while Spyridoula makes her own olive shampoo, pickles the olives for the coming season and cooks the fruits of the garden into sweets.

The restaurant has a large crowed of devoted fans, some of which from the first day when the Grameno opened. It is also a favored place to go to for the local residents.

The name of the area and the restaurant "GRAMENO" often is mistakenly written as "GRAMMENO". The origin of the areas name does not derive from the greek word "σύγγραμμα" (writing), but derives from the greek word "βρεγμένος" meaning "wet, sopping" as the flat area used to be very wet grounds before the residents built trenches.

Open from Easter 20th April till end of October.

Grameno  Café-Restaurant73001 Paleochora, (Koundoura)Manolis `Spiridoula VardakisTel: +302823041505Mobil: +30-6980027689