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Karakatsanis Café

Paleochora, at the head of the main street, near the church
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Treat yourself to some of our fresh made to order hot waffles, ice cream from our 20 flavours, or some espresso with a piece of our rich chocolate and caramel cakes. Indulge yourself, live is hard enough! - We make our cakes and ice creams since 1985 and use only best ingredients to a fine blend of traditional and modern sweet bakery.


Cakes and ice cream from our own pastry shop

We make all our cakes and ice cream ourselves! 
And not just, we take great pride in using only best ingredients, real milk and eggs, no powdered milk and egg, real vanilla and natural aromas, no artificial preservation additives, and we make a great effort to blend the traditional Greek recipes, which often are a bit on the sweet side, with all the wonderful Italian, French, Swiss and German recipes. 

During the season we will have special weeks with pastries from a specific region like an "Italian Week" with Profiteroles, Tira Misu and many more specialities. 
Check back on the web site, we will announce our special-cake-weeks!

Don't miss out on our biggest crowd pleaser: Our waffles! Hot and fresh made to order waffles will be served with either fresh fruits or with Ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

>> read the interview with owner Michalis Mountakis from March 2013


Karakatsanis Café Ice Cream & Cakes
73001 Paleochora, Selino Kandanos
phone +30- 28230 43040 | info(at)