cretan wildflowers

Cretan Wildflowers

Wildflower information about the botany of south west Crete
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The Mediterranean Anemone coronaria , crown or poppy anemone, is a very common plant of olive groves, fallow and abandoned fields around Paleochora.  
The flowers come in various colours, including violet, blue, mauve, purple, bright red and white and are often in mixed populations of two or more colours.  

Flowering can begin as early as December and continue until May, by which month, only the fluffy seed heads remain to indicate the sites of earlier splendid displays.  Anemone coronaria approaches its upper altitudinal limit in the fields of the Omalos plateau at 1050 m.  

The resemblance of the name anemone to Greek anemos (wind) has led to the coining of the English name ‘windflower’ for these plants, though they have no more special association with the wind than other plants of open places. 

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