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Art Week Paleochora

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First Paleochora Art Week 2013

This year, for the very first time, the town of Paleochora will become from 6th. – 15th September one great exhibition area as we bring art into the town and directly to the people. 20 artists with close ties to Paleochora will exhibit their new work at Art Points in tavernas, hotels and bars throughout town that are joining in this exhibition to become Galleries.

Opening Night at  Nostos Club, 19.30, September 6th 2013

The exhibiting artists are:

Andrea Cichy, Antonis Bijnen, Efi Fiotakis, Fotis Theodorakopoulos, Gail Wareham, Gerhard Stelzhammer, Hans Hartmann, Iris Pabst, Jonas Pabst, Judith Schürmann, Kostas Liatakis, Kostas Petrakis,  Markus Wimmer, Michelle Kergoat, Silvia Forrer, Stella Dutz, Tim Gladky, Vasilis Patsourakis, Zoran Koscev.

The Art Points are:

1. Kostas Workshop  – 2. Inochoos 3. Symbolos - 4. Anemos - 5. Pantelis - 6. Fotis Place - 7. Stoney Beach Boulevard - 8. Nostos Club - 9. Sea Gull - 10. The Sun Sea Mediterraneo - 11. To Perasma - 12. Almyrida - 13. Aris Hotel - 14. Third Eye - 15. Palm Tree - 16. Astrini


Local artists

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Barba Fotis

Barba Fotis doesn't like to be rushed; that's the reason he moved here to Paleochora from Athens many, many, years ago. Here he gets to have time; the time to manufacture in tender detail his little memorial chapels, his wooden prayer beads and necklaces. The pieces for his prayer beads are cut from aged and hardened olive wood, each single bead hand sanded down to the right shape and size. His animal figures are made from driftwood, often remaining years undetected in their wooden cocoon waiting until the day he can see them and bring them to life; there’s no rush.

He has time also for his poetry; poetry that talks of hard work and commitment.

On warm summer nights he sits in front of his house, in the 'Old Town' surrounded by a display of his creations, come and pay him a visit.


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Niki Tsagarakis

Niki is one of the few women of this area who still operates a weaving loom. Hand weaving is one of the oldest human handicrafts and as such has a long history on Crete, however, nowadays practitioners’ of the art are hard to find.

Inside her tiny shop space located in Gaviotika, the 'Old Town' near the harbour, her two hand looms hardly leave any room for the exhibition of her carpets, bags and little treasures. She is truly dedicated to supporting the continuation of this handicraft and is happy to demonstrate her skills and to explain the operation of her loom to interested visitors.


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Gerhard Stelzhammer

Gerhard began teaching himself to sculpt in 1995 and in time has turned his hobby into a successful profession. Born in Austria, he has lived and worked in Paleochora for four years now, the garden of his house 'Villa Aphrodite' serving as an exhibition space to which new pieces are added frequently.

Several times throughout the year he offers a one week sculpture workshop during which participants will get to learn to handle tools and material (alabaster/marble) and to create their own sculpture.

You can find the 'Villa Aphrodite' on the road to Kondoura, on the right hand side, approximately 200m after sign for the 'Megim' hotel. 


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Kostas Liatakis

Every day, Kostas takes a long walk on one of the beaches surrounding Paleochora and this is where he finds the inspiration and material for his work. Where most people would just see a useless piece of rock, glass or driftwood, he can see the beauty within it and begins visualising the assembly of the final piece of art.

'Shamanic Art' he calls his pieces; unique creations from rock, wood, leather, glass and metal that are intended to speak to the viewers core instincts and invoke a process of creation. He is happy to welcome visitors in his studio as he believes his work should be experienced and touched, not just looked at.