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Sunbathing and having a swim aren't the only thing to do on a beach. The Sandy Beach provides two Volley ball courts open to public and in the cooler morning and evening hours of the summer you'll often find a group of players welcoming additional players. 

An alternative to exploring the region by foot is doing so on a bike. You can cover more ground, but are still not miss out on all the nice details along your way. You can rent a bike with all car rentals and at the bike shop at the end of the main street you'll find Maps for walk and bike routes at the book shop 'To Delfini'.

At the marina is a soccer field (on sand) and an additional smaller one on (artificial) grass. On occasion you can find Boule (Petanque) players on the large sandy parking place opposite Paleochora Camping, and a bit further out on Gianiskari Beach, 'Sea Whispers' offers diving courses and relaxing holistic massages.


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A favourite pass time in Greece is playing TAVLI (Backgammon) and almost every Kafenion and Bar has boards available on request. You might want to brush on the rules (backgammon rules) and you’re all set for a typical Greek Kafenion afternoon. 
You will also find many places harbouring card players, as a rule the local Cafés don't mind gambeling in their establishments, as long as it’s only for small stakes.

From 16th - 23rd of July the town hosts the 5th INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT OF PALEOHORA where yearly hundreds of Chess players from around the globe populate the out-door tables in front of the community hall. 

Registrations and further information can be found here Join in on the fun.

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The nature of south west Crete fires the creative imagination. One way to channel this creativity is taking part in one of the workshops on offer, like a one week sculpturing workshop or a three day out-door painting course. 

You might also want to pay a visit to the local artists, or take a stroll along the promenade where in high season all sorts of handicraft stalls offer hand-made jewellery and souvenirs.

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The balmy nights invite you to enjoying the new movie highlights under a star spangled sky at the local open air cinema. It opens 3 nights a week with a good selection of new productions (usually in English with Greek subtitles) and the mandatory screening of Zorba the Greek once a week, since as the cult movie was shot near Chania.
(We will post the programme here and on our town news as available.)

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Barefoot on the beach, feeling the sand between your toes, the cooling waves washing over your feet; gazing towards the endless horizon and taking a deep breath of salty sea air... this feels just right!

The special sea climate and its cleansing power can be amplified with Yoga, homeopathic massages and Ayurveda treatments. There are a number of local alternative therapy practitioners  and treatments available to help you get the maximum of regeneration from your stay at the Libyan Sea. For courses and offers see our wellness section. ... or as someone suggested, go and have a Raki...!

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The south west region of Crete offers a rich floral environment. The region around Paleochora contains a number of endemic plant species found only in Crete as well as innumerable other flowers and plants, many of which can be spotted on any walk. What you will see will depend on the time of year you visit and books about Cretan plants and flowers can be found at the local book shop.  

We are in the process of getting some guided botanic walks organised, which will be offered mainly from October till June. 
Some will be in combination with an art workshop, some will feature herbs and plants for remedies and cooking.  

If you are interested in any of such guided walks, please let us know; the more requests, the faster we can get some organised. 

#1 Botanical workshop 3-7 May 2012 in Azogires
details see under excursions -> walks

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Organised day trips from Paleochora

There are a multitude of trips and excursions available from Paleochora; check with one of towns travel agents, your car hire company or the Tourist Information Office, for specific details, also keep an eye on the weather, it may affect ferry sailings or times. See our section excursions -> day trip for the most popular suggestions for a day out.

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The very deep Hellenic Trench that passes along the west coast of Greece and Crete leads into the Libyan sea of south Crete. It is the most important area for sperm whales in the Mediterranean. 

From mid June until the end of August, during the mating season of the whales and some local dolphins, these mammals can be spotted in the waters around Paleochora. The local travel agencies organise Dolphin Spotting boat excursions in the afternoon hours where, with any luck, some of these wonderful creatures can be seen at close hand. As most of these mammals are currently classed as endangered, please act responsibly should you be lucky enough to encounter them. For more information visite the website of the Thalassa Project.